Wedding Cakes

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Vicki Lee made her first wedding cake over 40 years ago and still personally builds and decorates all of the wedding cakes that leave the shop.

Whether your tastes are classical or whimsical, we offer professional expertise and precision in designing fine wedding cakes to suit you. Our standards of excellence start from scratch and we use only the finest ingredients available. With our cakes you taste the difference. Our finishes are available in a variety of imaginative designs, including custom patterns, intricate basket weaves, white chocolate ganache, rolled marzipan, and our classic italian meringue buttercream.

While we love the way fondant looks, we don’t like how it tastes. Therefore, we use Italian Meringue Buttercream and white or dark ganache to cover our cakes. Offering a wide selection of cakes and fillings to choose from, we’re also pleased to customize to your taste. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to create your pièce de résistance.

All of our cakes are garnished with your choice of either fondant appliqués, buttercream flowers, or fresh flowers unless otherwise requested, and can be presented on antique mirrors or cut glass from our fine collection.


Framboise  A rich silver white cake made with almond paste and layered with swiss raspberry preserves and italian meringue buttercream. This delicious confection is our most popular cake.

Winter White  A fluffy old fashioned white cake laced with grand mariner and filled with a layer of pastry cream, fresh strawberries, and lightly sweetened whipped cream. Also available with fresh peaches, raspberries, or apricots, when in season. 

Chocolate Genoise Traditional chocolate genoise, laced with Kahlua and filled with a thin layer of chocolate buttercream and lightly sweetened whipped cream. Also available with assorted liqueurs and mocha buttercream.

Carrot & Spice  This moist spice cake is made with grated carrots, spices, and loads of pecans. Filled with your choice of an italian meringue buttercream or a danish cream cheese filling. 

Lemon Love  Layers of a light lemony sponge cake laced with Grand Mariner and filled with a tart, classic lemon curd and fresh whipped cream. This cake is for those true lemon lovers and is a light finale to any meal. 

Citrus Meringue Torte Three layers of a citrus sponge cake and two laters of a crisp almond meringue, sandwiched with citrus mousseline buttercream, for the most sophisticated palate.

The Grand Marquis Thin layers of chocolate genoise surrounding a rich, creamy, chocolate Grand Mariner mousse. Available with fresh raspberries folded in at an additional expense. May be iced either with our italian meringue buttercream or a chocolate ganache.

Mazarin au Chocolate  A VLB specialty dessert consisting of a hazelnut-almond dacquoise filled with rich chocolate mousse, finished with a dark chocolate ganache. Gluten free

No need to save your wedding cake top! vicki lee’s offers a free one-year anniversary cake to customers who present a  picture of their wedding cake for our portfolio, with or without the happy couple in the photo. Photo submissions are accepted at any time, but please submit them and order your anniversary cake at least one week in advance.

Prices begin at $8.00 per person and include a variety of finishes, fresh flowers, and free delivery within a twenty mile radius for cakes serving a hundred or more. A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required six weeks or more in advance of the event in order to secure your date. Final payment and any changes in the number of guests are due one week prior to delivery.

A separate $100.00 deposit is required on all mirrors, cut glass, and cake stands, and is fully refundable upon return of equipment in good condition within three working days. Please call us to arrange an appointment for your consultation and private cake tasting, or stop by our bake shop and browse through our portfolios.