Customer Comments

Nothing warms our hearts more than hearing our customers love us as much as we love them!!

September 15, 2017
Your team described in a single word is spectacular!  The event was so much fun.  Everybody commented on how delicious the food was and the presentation was so elegant.  The cookies were a huge hit.  Both of you were such a tremendous help with the planning and Amaryllis and Diana were the best.  They were so organized and on top of everything and left my kitchen spotless.  I will definitely look to you for future events.


September 10, 2017

Great party on Sunday, a big thanks to you and your team. Nice to see Patrick again, he told me he has been working with you for 10 years. Excellent.

Besides the food which we expect to be wonderful, and it was, your team is always so great at the clean up. We got our kitchen back and couldn’t tell that moments before, you lot were there preparing food for the multitudes. And our fridge was carefully stocked with leftovers. So nice.

So thank you once again for taking care of us, we do appreciate all you do.

Best, Rick & Judi and family


April 21, 2017

The birthday dinner was a huge success.  Your meat was totally delicious and highly praised by all spontaneously.  The chard was scrumptious, the potatoes heavenly and different, and the pork totally tasty with your wonderful gravy.  Of course the pote de creme were perfection.  As you can see, I am running out of adjectives.  And I still haven’t thanked your for the beautiful lemon mousse dessert.  

Thank you so much for making the party so relaxing and delectable.  I’ll look forward to next time.

With Warmest wishes,



December 11, 2016

Dear Vicki,

Thank you so much for your wonderful catering last night!! The food was excellent and your staff was outstanding!! Paul and I are just thrilled with the results as were my guests. Take care



May 3, 2016

Good morning Vicki,

      I just wanted to let you know that it all went really well last night. Diane and Cara were so nice and so efficient and so clean! My kitchen is spotless. Having them there relieved so much stress. Although it wasn’t a huge crowd, I needed to be “on” all night and could not have handled cooking or passing food. Please extend my thanks to them again. The food was so nicely presented and delicious — and you were right — I DID like the tuna rolls!! Cara made me try one. :>) Everyone really enjoyed the food and the event. Let’s hope they write the Ballet a check now!

Many thanks again for everything. You are a pleasure to deal with. I’ll have to make a trip to Belmont now to introduce myself and enjoy a coffee and a scone like I used to back when you were in Needham.

 Take care,



May 3rd, 2016


      Just want to let you know that my husband is a very difficult person to please when it comes to food and/or take out.  He comes from N.H. Although he loves my Italian cooking but he says no one makes a good Quiche Lorraine; no one makes a good lamb stew, etc. Etc.  No good take out places around here, etc.   Nevertheless, just this week on his birthday I bought him an apple mixed berry galette.  He loved it.  I said well let me try some other things.  I got him a piece of your Quiche Lorraine and he said “this is the best Quiche Lorraine I ever had.”  I went back and got your Irish lamb stew – he thought he died and went to heaven.  

      Believe it or not, today, he found his way to your place and came home with 6 pcs of Quiche Lorraine and 3 of your oatmeal coconut cookies.  We will be getting a lot of food at vicki lees now thru the future.  He has viewed your menu; he has tried your Boston cream pie minis’, etc.

      Thank you for vicki lees.  I can’t believe it’s been there for 9 years.  I live about 3 miles away and never knew.  I went in there accidentally and bought my friend a lemon b-day cake.  She said it was the best she ever had.  Looking forward to buying more of your meals and maybe coming in and sitting and eating there too.

Thank you.



May 7, 2016 – Messages from our 10 Year Anniversary!

Congratulations on your success! You have a delightful restaurant with so much friendliness, enticing and interesting menu as well as charming interior!!! We’re so happy you settled in Belmont—you are loved dearly.




your restaurant and catering offerings are a true gift to all you serve. Congratulations.



Congratulations on 10 years! Hope to be celebrating with your cakes and catering for many many more years to come!



Best food – Best service. Congratulations on 10 years and looking forward to the next 10 too!



February 10, 2016

Hi Vicki,

          I truly cannot thank you enough for the outstanding job that you did for my mom. The entire day was an incredible tribute to her….and the meal topped it off. Everyone is still talking about how incredible the food was. 

          My mom was a wonderful, talented, remarkable, and an extraordinary woman. I wanted everything to be perfect for her and it was…..The opera singers, the 150 bouquets of flowers, the video that told her story, Srpazan (Archbishop) presiding over the mass, the flag that was flown over the capital in her honor, and the letter from his holiness from Armenia that was read in her honor during mass. You and your team made the meal perfect for her. A million thanks for coming through for me and for making sure all was above and beyond.

Thank you very much may God Bless you always.



November 18, 2015


           This is the time of year we think about things for which we are thankful. I hope you know how many people are thankful for you, including me. Your business allows us to have the kind of celebrations we once could do ourselves. Now we don’t’ have to give up our “standards” to have wonderful, delicious food and we thank you Vicki.



October 15, 2015

Hi Vicki,

            Thank you so much! My mom absolutely loved it — I think she burst into tears almost as soon as she opened the door! Lisa was so helpful, even with so many people; we definitely couldn’t have done it without her. Everyone loved the food! My favorite was the gorgonzola & figs, and the cake was so beautiful and delicious.

          Thank you again for the extra cookies and for all your help in planning the menu! Lisa said we had just the right amount of food, and I think it went beautifully.

We hope to work with you again in the future!




July 1, 2012

Dear Vicki,                                                

            I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you did catering for my wedding. The food (and the cake!) was delicious, beautifully presented, and served with such care. But more than that, you put my mind at ease even before the big day, with your careful planning and professionalism, and on the day itself, you were a great communicator with the other vendors.

          My wedding was all I hoped it would be, and you played a critical role in that – thank you! I would highly recommend your catering company for any wedding or event.

With warmest regards,



May 18, 2012


          Thank you so much for that wonderful party. Gale and I were thrilled and amazed by the superb service, the speed, smoothness, and organization of everything, and of course the charm and quiet efficiency of your whole team. It did turn out to be a really magical party. People are still checking in to say what a good time they had; and many used the word ‘magical’. That was partly a result of great weather; your graceful table layout (with Wendy’s excellent flowers); my son-in-law’s clever lighting, the garden in great shape, the friends who provided the music, and of course the stellar food; (and the butterflies that came to the party); but it wouldn’t have added up to magic without the swift, calm, friendly Vicki Lee team’s hard work.
Thank you.



June 20, 2011

Dear Vicki,

            The party was a wonderful success- thanks entirely to the beautiful food, the spectacular set up, and the wonderful staff you sent!

            Although we all worried for a while that it still might rain, it never did. Our guests were delighted from the moment they walked into the party space- so beautifully set up and welcoming- and stayed until the last moment (the under 40 group stayed an hour and a half longer….). Everyone asked who did the catering and we were very happy to tell them.

            The sparkling rose cava seemed to be the most popular beverage, and everyone raved about the salmon mousse in endive, and had a hard time choosing one lovely dessert, so most ate several. There were just enough leftovers for us to savor the next day.

            From our first meeting until the women left the kitchen sparkling and all the gear packed for pick up at the front door- working with you was easy and supportive (just what I need). I know now that I could do more large scale entertaining without stress, and am looking forward to the next time.

Thank you for everything!

Best regards,

Rosemary (and Lew, too)


May 19, 2011

Good Morning Vicki!

                 I got your email from my mother, Setta. I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for this past weekend’s party. My family, friends and I are still talking about what a wonderful affair it was.

                 I am still getting emails today from friends raving about the food!  Saturday would not have been nearly as successful without the wonderful food, impeccable service and organization of you and your team. You are a celebrity in our family and we love and trust everything that you produce, and this weekend was no exception!

                I look forward to working with you on many more occasions in the future!


Taylor Stephanian