Our Team

Vicki Lee Boyajian
Owner/ Pastry Chef

Born and raised in Watertown, Mass, Vicki Lee Boyajian grew up under the hand of a strong, self-made and well-respected woman, her mother Sonia Boyajian, a local businesswoman and entrepreneur. Whilst faced with a future yet undetermined in her younger years, it would be the opportunity to grow and learn at the Palfrey Street School and an impromptu dinner with fellow students, that lead her to a career in the culinary arts.

Studying under Leo Romero a beloved friend and mentor, she refined her skills and built the foundation for her future business endeavors. Taking her business from Arlington, Westwood, Needham, and now to Belmont, she expanded to include not only dining components but also retail and full-service catering. Opening in 2006, vicki lee’s in Belmont is a prime example of the many integral business elements Vicki is able to hone together while creating an upscale and chic environment both in her shop and off-site.

Vicki Lee is a fierce proponent of leading by example. Industry insiders know Boyajian as a designer of practical systems that allow her products to be produced reliably by apprentice staff. She is an alert and methodical trainer with a strong record of inspiring staff loyalty and multi-year commitment with many staff moving on to open their own business ventures. Boyajian aspires to elegant simplicity and insists that her work should be interpreted as a teachable craft and not just an art form.

Jason M. Reed
Executive Chef


Originally from western Massachusetts, Jason Reed was first introduced to food and cooking by his mother, a trained chef and well-known catering director. His quest for professional training brought him to Boulder, Colorado, working under James Beard honorary Chef Bradford Heap, and Bravo’s Top Chef winner, Hosea Rosenberg. In 2008, a friendly meeting to discuss the food scene in Boston with Vicki Lee, his father’s long-time high school friend, turned into an employment opportunity.

Since then Jason has worked as a Chef at vicki lee’s, providing fresh ideas and delicious food for her shop and catering service. Aware that his position as a chef can directly affect our environment, Jason strives to find local and sustainable sources for the food he prepares. He is excited and proud to bring his passion for farm-to-table cuisine and sustainability to vicki lee’s.


FOH Manager




lifetime Watertown resident and proud member of the community, our long-time evening manager Jean, has been with Vicki since opening her flagship restaurant in Needham in 1990. Combining his professional experience with his passion for hospitality, Jean feels privileged to lead a team of hardworking individuals that strive to achieve greatness every day.